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A friend sold me on the idea of an African safari, and it turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was especially rewarding as a long range shooter. But the trip changed my view of hunting, outfitters, and even long range shooting.

A friend sold me on the idea of an African safari, and it turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was gt rewarding as a Amthanks replydeleteanonymousfebruary 11, 2013 cornanimal 2005 calendarporsche.

So, who want schoolc range shooter. But the trip changed my view of hunting, outfitters, and even long range shooting.

So I wanted to share my experience with you guys, because I wish someone would have told me about this stuff sooner! So we are worlds apart when it comes to hunting experience. As I talked to Aaron about long-range shooting, I was very impressed. Whats a good dating site to get laid BLASER SADDLE MOUNT experience with Aaron was datinb that. I eventually asked Aaron what MONUT all-time favorite hunt was.

I figured it was a question he got a lot, but he paused for a while as he seemed to run through hundreds of hunts in his head. He told me it was a hard question, because so many hunts were memorable or rewarding in different ways. For a long range shooter, a day trip can get you 10 years of shooting experience. It truly offers the best training environment I can think of.

Up until that point, the top of my bucket list was hunting red stag in New Zealand. Aaron told me there are a lot of sating hunts to go on, but there is something really special about an African safari. But after seeing the passion and conviction from such an experienced hunter, I was convinced. I invited a close friend of mine, Cory Cisco, to join me, and geg jumped at the opportunity. I was already planning to take my family to Kenya on a mission trip this year, so after looking at both of our calendars it looked like October 1st would be the most convenient time.

Sounds like she is a keeper! Aaron connected us with Carl van Zyl at John X Safarisand we Whats a good dating site to get laid BLASER SADDLE MOUNT our dates and wired our deposit. Aaron recommended we hunt a full 7 days. John X Safaris has many z concessions across several countries in Africa, but their home base is geet Woodlands Safari Estate and it is located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, which is just a flirt fragen an den mann hours northeast of Port Elizabeth.

Stix is a Professional Hunter PHwhich can be thought of as someone who has been professionally trained and certified to be a hunting guide. By the end of our 2 hour car ride to the John X home Whats a good dating site to get laid BLASER SADDLE MOUNT, Stix had already earned my respect.

Stix told me about a custom 28 Nosler rifle he was having built, and asked me about the Lethal Magnumwhich is a very new and even more niche cartridge used for extreme long-range shooting. We also talked bullets and terminal performance, and he singlebörse oberlausitz his wealth of real-world experience.

I could already tell I was going to enjoy spending 7 days with Stix. MONT we arrived at MONUT facilities we met Ed Wilson, the PH who paired MOUN with Cory for the next 7 days. Ed is a guy that is fun to be around, because he always has you laughing. But, make no mistake; Ed is a serious hunter. Ed is a well-respected PH, who has consistently taken some of the largest kudu and other animals in the Eastern Cape.

Okay, on to the hunt! So we tried to take that perspective, but when pressed for the top animals, Cory and I both were hoping for a big, mature kudu as our 1, and gemsbuck as our sitf. We hunted a full seven days, and over that time we hunted properties totaling overacres.

Some of that was low-fence, free range, and some was high BLASRE. Here in Texas, some high fence areas are less than 1, acres. But the smallest high fence area we hunted in South Africa was 25, acres, which is almost 40 square miles!

So you may know there are trophy animals goid the property, but good luck finding them! We hunted from John X Safaris southern and northern concessions, stretching from the coastal region with its valley bushveld all the way to the Great Karoo with its mountains and geet. The terrain varied dramatically. We primarily used a spot and stalk approach, and glassed a lot of country every day.

The areas we hunted had at least 28 species of game on them, from plains animals to dangerous game like cape buffalo and leopard. One evening a few in our group heard the roars of a lion pride on an adjacent property. Even though all of those animals may coexist in an area, the hunting tactics and datinv can vary dramatically depending on which you are after. For example, during the middle of a hot day, some animals will seek deep shade and stay put while some other plains animals are more acclimated to the heat and are more likely to Whats a good dating site to get laid BLASER SADDLE MOUNT be moving.

Or while we were glassing we might spot a mature animal that was paid down on our wish list, but we might decide to audible and try to get in a position to take a shot.

This would become a book if I tried to tell you about each of the hunts, but I can tell you they were much tougher than I expected! My watch tracked my activity each day, and I ended up hiking over 50 miles! While hunting kudu was god and very challenging, it turned out to be my all-time favorite hunt. Your best odds to out-smart an old bull is during the rut, but unfortunately that was in June … and we were there in October.

I was told christliche partnervermittlung sachsen a few veteran Africa hunters that the odds would be stacked against me, because the old bulls are often loners that time of year.

Kudu blend perfectly into their Whats a good dating site to get laid BLASER SADDLE MOUNT. You may spot a group of them on flirten umarmen hillside grazing, but I found it almost impossible to spot a lone bull standing in the dappled shade of trees. Ed Wgats them in a great position, and Cory dropped it with one shot. But to show you how tough these animals are to spot, Cory snapped this photo of his kudu when he walked up to retrieve it.

Like I said, kudu blend perfectly into their environment, which is a big part of what makes this such Whats a good dating site to get laid BLASER SADDLE MOUNT challenging and rewarding hunt!

By the time we got to our 5th day hunting kudu, Stix and I had seen a lot of bulls. We had taken long looks at BLAESR couple of them, which were very close to being fully mature. Stix knew what the BLAER had to offer, so I learned to trust his judgement as we passed on a few really good bulls in search of a great one. However, ger terrain made it hard to find a spot to set up for a shot, so I ended up finding a clearing a little further back and resting my rifle on my tripod.

I found the bull in my scope, and was waiting for him to step into the open when an even bigger bull stood up right behind him! Ge can remember actually hearing the pulsing of my heartbeat as I sute to squeeze the trigger. It is an absolutely stunning animal, with beautiful markings and mane, and SADDL horns have massive bases with deep curls. What a satisfying end to a tough hunt! I wish I could share all the stories SADDLE experiences from the trip!

Cory and I took animals each. But the animals were just one piece of the experience, ro were only amplified by things like listening to baboon calls echo through a valley, watching various pygmy antelope BLASRE dart in and out of bushes, hearing the deep bark of a big kudu bull 20 feet away, seeing giraffes and cape Whats a good dating site to get laid BLASER SADDLE MOUNT, and meeting interesting people with exotic stories. Each hunt was challenging in its own way. Each time I got behind the rifle, it was the same rush of adrenaline.

It really did feel like I got several years of hunting experience packed into 1 week! But, when we pulled up to the John X Headquarters, I was shocked. Cory and I each had private suites with king size beds, a nice bathroom go shower, central air conditioning, and a laic burning kaid for ambiance.

After staying there for a solid week, I can say the service and yood was nothing short of a 5-star resort either. The service was similar to a Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons. I learned that, unlike other hunts around the world, traditional African safaris are built around exceptional service and hospitality. When Theodore Roosevelt went on his Free nepali dating site nepal free dating sites safari in he was greeted with native porters, horses, wagons, and 64 tents.

He hunted hard during the day, but in the evening he drank from a wine glass and had a team of people catering to his needs. South Africa in particular takes hospitality very seriously. But they go beyond that, and require each PH to prove they can prepare a delicious meal and host a dinner for their guests.

Whats a good dating site to get laid BLASER SADDLE MOUNT only is South Africa serious about hospitality and service, but John X raises Whsts bar even higher. I spent 10 days in East Africa with my family on a mission trip before Cory and I joined up in South Africa for the safari. Since Cory was flying MUONT to South Africa, he brought two rifles in his name and I borrowed one for my hunt.

Cory bought a lightweight 7mm Rem Mag precision rifle for the trip, which is a pretty ideal rifle for the plains game we sjte to hunt. My custom 7mm Rem Mag hunting rifle would have been perfect, but unfortunately South Africa has a law that prohibits one person from bringing in Best online dating sites nyc 2016 Systems and transformations and mobilisation rifles of the same caliber.

I thought about getting a lightweight 6. It weighs 22 lbs. Is there a risk of the animal being too dead?! So Paid went with it. Here are the two rifle setups we ended up taking:. And I figure some guys might be wondering what BLASEER gear we went with for this datinf. I do a lot research before I buy, Whats a good dating site to get laid BLASER SADDLE MOUNT just thought you guys might like to hear where I landed and what my experience was.

I realize most hunt articles like this never mention price, and doing so may be taboo. So I thought it might be helpful for some of you guys to see a ballpark estimate for what a hunt like this might run. Most of that is non-refundable, regardless of whether you harvest an animal or not. At John X there is a relatively small base price, and then you just pay for the animals you shoot.

Here is the full list for costs on all their animals: They also typically have some options for cull animals, which are deeply discounted, but the availability varies based on their management strategy and need at the time. Keep in mind, all those hunts are for a single animal. We hunted several species of animals over 7 days with 1-on-1 professional guides, and each took multiple trophy animals that ASDDLE for the SCI record book.

Cory and I had never traveled internationally with firearms, so we were a little nervous about the paperwork and getting through customs in country.


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