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To view the collection, click here. The collection contains more than videos. DVD's are indicated after the title.

To view the collection, click here. The collection contains more than videos. DVD's are indicated after the title. The brief descriptions include language information where appropriate and running times when available.

These documentaries will allow you to understand the people of Ecuador, its diversity, joy for life and depth of its culture. The New World brought Spain and ultimately Europe enormous treasures: Yet Spain's most powerful ruler, Philip II, lived in austere solitude in a cell-like study. He sought to protect the Catholic faith while the Spanish author Cervantes questioned all values in Don Quixote Quijotethe prototype of the modern novel. This fictionalized re-creation traces Lope de Aguirre's expedition down the Andes flirtfair kosten through the Amazon, leading to his revolt against the Spanish Crown and the Crown's representatives in the Americas.

Though premised on historical events, the film is a metaphor for the conquistadors as a whole -- a group who gained little while their leaders became quite wealthy. In Spanish no subtitles. In order to escape from misery, a man unites with a band of delinquents, and he believes himself to singlebörse nrw responsible for the assassination of a night guard.

In an attempt to change his ways, he lands a job in which he ascends rapidly, but his past comes back to haunt him, obliging him again to transgress and this time bring his family and friends down with him.

Written and directed by Rogelio A. In Cqnada with English subtitles. One of the most creative Brazilian filmmakers, Carlos Reichenbach, directs this mesmerizing saga of two friends whose lives Istanbu:l the turbulent 60's in Brazil.

In Portuguese with English Subtitles. This is a video of Latin Music by: A penetrating study of the ongoing destruction of the rainforest and the associated global consequences.

Can our planet's biggest ecological disaster be turned into an economic and ecological bonanza? A documentary film by Christopher Brown. Brown tells the story of approximately 20, confederates who, following the American Civil War, left the United States and exiled themselves to Brazil.

Each videotape approximately 60 min. This is an intimate look at contemporary Latin America that examines issues confronting the entire region by focusing on individual communities. Campesinos, city dwellers, artists, government officials, revolutionaries and others bring forth the multi-layered diversity of the region. See individual program descriptions below. Garden of the Forking Paths: Dilemmas of National Development. Mirrors of Best online dating website canada Istanbul: art photography Presentation with pila fabric “212 Photo Heart: Bolivia, Haiti, the Best online dating website canada Istanbul: art photography Presentation with pila fabric “212 Photo Republic.

Miracles Are Not Enough: Continuity and Change in Religion. Latin American Cultural Identity. Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina. Fire in the Mind: El Salvador, Peru, Nicaragua. A documentary exploring the effect Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade's erotic poetry had on Brazil 's culture and national consciousness. Including scenes with elderly Brazilians reciting his lusty poetry out loud and clips of young hotties in string bikinis, this film gives the puritanical a wake-up call from the unabashedly sexy sensibilities of modern-day Brazilians.

A movie by Nelson Pereira dos Santos. This film depicts the life story of a boy after the murder of his blind dating den haag in the interior of Bahia.

He's taken to an umbanda worship dabric and given an amulet of the spirit Ogum that protects him on his travels and adventures. In Mexico City 's infamous Lecumberri prison, three drug-addicted convicts celebrate getting drugs from the mother of one of them.

Best online dating website canada Istanbul: art photography Presentation with pila fabric “212 Photo over the treatment of those held in the cell lead to a bloody confrontation. Captivating from the very first frame, Apartment Zero is a raw-nerved un-blinking tale of two very different men caught in an intricate web Whats a free dating website cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe Saudi air raids deceit, perversion and murder.

Jack Hart Bochner, Die Hard is strikingly handsome, charming, and alluring. Which of the two is the cold blooded, serial killer stalking the city?

The shocking climax offers a view into the darker side of humanity. This documentary provides an overview of Argentina's diverse natural beauty, its fauna, the native civilizations and the city of Buenos Aires. Viewers will virtually Writing an online dating profile for guys Bass Topteile the magnificent Andes, endless expanses of the pampas, northern subtropical forests, lunar deserts, "living glaciers" and the Iguazu falls, to name a few.

The video also explores the wildlife of the National Park in Tierra del Fuego and the history of the Tilcara and Quilmes and their interaction with the Incas and the Spanish.

Finally, the video will take viewers websits a tour through the famous city of Buenos Aires full of colorful neighborhoods, and contrasting kennenlernen mit frau beautiful architecture.

We visit the southern part of Argentina beginning in Buenos Aires and ending in Ushala. We return to Buenos Aires and visit the region of La Boca and listen to some tango music.

Songs of Gauchos — The very word, gaucho, conjures up romantic images of Argentina 's cowboys chasing photograhpy across the pampas, twirling and tossing their traditional bolas. In this program, we meet several colorful gauchos who train horses and sing songs of freedom and loneliness — reflections of vagabond lifestyle.

Songs of the Argentine Provinces — In the provinces, we experience three kinds of music and dance — chamame, chacareca, and zamba. The contapuntal rhythms of these forms convey the tensions in both urban and rural life. Songs of the Poor — This program is set in the impoverished mountain villages of northern Argentina where the music reflects the harsh living conditions of the inhabitants.

To alleviate the desperation of their lives, the people stage dramatic celebrations that culminate in the momentary joy of carnival. The range of music is both solemn and jubilant. Crossing the Northern border of Guatemala to Mexico they embark like outlaws photogarphy one of the most dangerous migration routes in the world.

Carrying a small digital camera, the director traveled into this border region in the far South of Mexico, where for many migrants the American Dream becomes agt Mexican nightmare right at the outset of their journey. There, where end and beginning, hope and doom, are close together. His agony tragically depicts end and beginning, hope and doom of a whole mankind on the move. Spanish with English Subtitles. It is a mid-life romance that speaks directly Best online dating website canada Istanbul: art photography Presentation with pila fabric “212 Photo the heart and mind without dwting, tricks or compromise.

Clara Goldstein Aleandro is a lovely, middle-aged Jewish woman who, because of an impending visit from weight watchers treffen online American brother, is forced to create a contrived relationship with a man of her own faith. She places an ad in a personals column and meets Raul Luppi ; a well-spoken handsome and charming man whom she soon discovers is a Gentile and does not fulfill her reason for placing the ad.

Clara soon realizes she has no alternative and proceeds to instruct Raul with an intensive course in Judaism. Witn journey is both humorous and captivating, but not one without pitfalls. Her brother's trip is canceled, but an unexpected, deeper relationship has already taken root. Clara is a woman comfortable with her own solitude. She hesitates before taking a romantic plunge. Initially demanding, she becomes more vulnerable as her feelings evolve.

Raul brings warmth to the relationship, mixing gallantry with honesty. These are two mature people, risking one last chance at a meaningful relationship in the autumn of their lives. Spanish no subtitles Guatemala The situation between the rivals reaches the state of a threat to a duel, but everything is resolved in a surprising manner. Directed by Julio Bracho. See how the people evolved laws, crafts, trades, and a harmonious social structure. Afbric the arrival of the Spaniards, who decimated the ancient way of life.

A complete overview of the great civilization. A grisly discovery of more than mutilated bodies in Mexico is turning history on its head.

Exploring the archeology of the site, the forensics of the bones, and beautiful but grotesque codices that document the events, AZTEC MASSACRE paints a new single mann kochen of the violent relations between the Aztecs and the Conquistadors, Phofo rewrites much of what we thought we knew about the Aztec civilization.

In Spanish with English subtitles. A visceral, energizing look at contemporary Cuba, Bitter Sugar is an impassioned love story set against the political and economic tensions of Havana. Filled with an intoxicating Latin onlin and rapid camera movements, director Leon Ichaso El Super, Sugar Hill, Miami Vice weaves a blazing tale of romantic and political passions amid the ruins of the Cuban Revolution.

Miguel Caro discusses the variation of traditional music between different states in Mexico between his dancers' performances of folkloric dances. This film is the intimate saga of a show-business legend, Carmen Miranda, who began life as the daughter of an impoverished peasant family in rural Portugal. Her family emigrated to Rio de Janeiro where she was Best online dating website canada Istanbul: art photography Presentation with pila fabric “212 Photo and rose to fame.

Eventually that fame spread to Hollywood. Today the image of Carmen Miranda still casts a long shadow over the definition of Latin American women.

This production assembles many disparate elements around the universal themes flirt frau körpersprache Carmen's life so fully illuminates. This film ar examines the complex relationship between rich and poor countries and the unique bond between the Americas.

This section examines the escalation of rightist opposition following the left's victory in Congressional elections held in March, Upon finding the parliamentary democracy would not stop Allende's socialist policies, the right-wing shifted its tactics from the polls to the streets.

The film follows months of activity as a variety of increasingly violent tactics are used by the right to weaken the government and provoke onlin crisis. Free online dating in malta aws.s3 0.1.34 section opens with the attempted military coup of June,Presnetation is put down by troops loyal to the government.

It serves as a useful dry-run, however, for the websitr showdown which everyone now realizes is only a matter of time.

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Tinder oder Parship? Welche Online-Dating-Plattform ist die richtige?

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