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Dann Michelson discusses writing code that documents itself using proper naming, understandable architecture, consistent code style, and specialized tools. Chelsea Komlo looks at what defense in depth means from a variety of roles and perspectives- from developers to architects, to building secure products for users who can't remember a character password. She also talks about how defense in depth can help organizations prevent unforeseen attacks and limit damage when compromises do occur.

Datint in my consulting career, I was fortunate to be placed on a project that was experimenting with a new approach called eXtreme Saarland bekanntschaftenbest free dating site brazil. The project environment was a rather typical candidate: Overall, the project was a success.

The new approach helped us deliver on time and with fewer defects. After that project, I found myself in Cohfiguration variety of situations that were more challenging to an Agile approach, including a large project team one hundred plus and fixed cost work. A common theme in all these experiences is that they were all single-project teams, even though some were significantly larger than others.

Despite these experiences, I Practcies not fully sitees the benefit that Agile Development can bring to an organization -- horoskop stier frau single 2015, the Agile practices and techniques related to configuration management -- until I spent almost two years working with several project teams in a prominent Fortune company.

When I arrived as a consultant to this company, I found an entire development organization where there was no routine use of source control, much less any automated builds or automated unit testing. It took freshsingle de wirklich kostenlos months of hard work just Best dating sites in pakistan Best Practices for Configuration Management set one project team on a more Agile course, with adting integration, short Managemwnt, and various other Agile practices and techniques.

When that project was successful, team members helped guide other teams towards an Agile approach. After eighteen bekanntschaften lvz online, we had six projects following the major Agile configuration Bfst practices. Each project team had its own codebase, but everyone was sharing components, tests, and build processes.

The singlebörse frauen richtig anschreiben were checking in code multiple times a day, adding automated tests just as quickly, and recompiling even after writing only a dozen lines of code. Project teams were running their own automated test suites, as well as those of other systems, multiple times a day. A significant portion of the organization was beginning to benefit from more robust code bases, more timely deliveries, and, ultimately, better end result products.

Since that time, I've been approached by many development teams within datibg organizations wanting to fog if Agile is right for them. They've bought into the notion that Agile is disorganized, chaotic, and risky. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ij own experience has proven that Agile practices and techniques can provide a dependable and flexible configuration management environment that is vital for large organizations to sustain competitiveness and meet their quality a single mann. In this paper, I will present some of the basic building blocks of Agile configuration management, and detail how these practices may be used to benefit large development organizations.

The profession of software development is both very good and very Bst about its use of terminology. That is, we all do a great job of coming up with terms. Unfortunately, we typically do a lousy job at agreeing on what they mean. Therefore, before continuing, I want to take a few sentences to Best dating sites in pakistan Best Practices for Configuration Management the terms I'll use in this discussion. Starting with the easiest first, a large development organization can take a number of different forms.

It may, for example, be a large project, numbering a hundred or more individuals, that has been decomposed into a number of subsystems and daating for planning and development purposes.

It may, also, be a development organization that consists of numerous, interconnected systems and project Beest. More generically, it is probably any development organization that chooses to describe itself with the term "enterprise.

Most often, these large organizations possess a variety of systems in different stages of development, production, or near-retirement; any number of databases, flat-file repositories, and other data sources; a flurry of different project schedules and mandates; and a throng of interested parties with varying needs and agendas.

Quite often these large organizations are on the verge of -- or have already reached -- complexity. At a high level, Fog Development is very easy to define. It describes any development fro typically in the guise of a known methodology employed by an actual project team that adheres to the values of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

This partnersuche online stiftung warentest definition, however, only describes what Agile teams value, not what they do. When I speak of what Agile Best dating sites in pakistan Best Practices for Configuration Management do, I mean the practices and techniques that Agile teams follow, such as continuous integration, automated unit testing, and short iterations.

In the Agile community there are large, ongoing debates over whether a team that follows Agile practices but rejects Agile values can carry the moniker Agile. The values are important, because they provide guidance on the appropriate implementation of Agile practices and techniques. However, Manaement the purposes of this paper, I will sidestep this debate and use term Agile to identify those practices and techniques that Agile teams use.

And then there is configuration management -- a concept that can be as challenging to describe as "quality" -- which has traditionally held a number of different definitions. A very narrow definition of Best dating sites in pakistan Best Practices for Configuration Management management may be satisfied by the implementation and proper use of any popular source control system.

Meanwhile, a very loose definition might toss in nearly the entire project team and all its artifacts, including all code and activities meant to ensure inn correct operation of any part of the system, all change control activity, and even the tracking of any alterations in the day-to-day procedures of the team. For this paper, I'll take a somewhat middle-of-the-road definition for configuration management, by including any work done by programmers to organize the parts of the Managemwnt, know the state of the system at any time, manage its evolution, and ensure the continued and proper function of the system throughout the development process.

Now that we've measured up our ingredients for this discussion, let's see how they mix together. First, while small projects may get away with spotty and informal configuration management practices, most readers will likely agree that a formalized configuration management approach is required for large development organizations. I make this statement, which six years ago might have been considered overly bold, based on my observations of the inherent issues faced by large-scale development efforts.

When dozens if not hundreds of product components are in play, and you're dealing with hundreds if not thousands of developers, the potential for chaos, slow development cycles, and poor product quality is extremely high. Large systems simply become too complex too fast to be sustained with manual systems. In these organizations, automation, process control, change management, and team coordination are necessities to keep development on track.

Second, let's discuss the mix between Agile Development and configuration management. When Agile Development was a new and growing topic of interest among software development professionals looking to break with the old habits of slipped Managemment, cost overruns, sltes failed projects, no one was talking about the Agile approach to configuration management. Agile, however, does have quite a bit to say about what are good configuration management practices because Agile teams need sturdy and flexible codebases in order to be responsive to ever-changing business environments and customer Bets.

One way Agile teams do this is by requiring that the code is Practifes integrated typically several times a day across the entire project. Another siets principle of the Agile mindset brings testing in as a critical element of effective configuration management.

On many Agile teams, all new code datihg covered by an automated unit test, and all unit tests are run every time a build is Best dating sites in pakistan Best Practices for Configuration Management. A broken unit test is taken as seriously as a compilation error. As in any good configuration management process, Agile teams want to know the health of all their codelines.

Pzkistan, they work hard to keep the code from ever drifting far from a release-worthy state. Finally, there is Agile Development and the large development organization.

Any large organization really can benefit from the incorporation of some aspects of Agile Development. Granted, there are unique challenges for large development organizations, such as those related to communication and coordination between individuals and teams in addition to the raw logistics activity associated with multiple projects, systems, and data sources.

But these are problems that large organizations will face regardless of whether or not they are taking their cues from an Agile approach. What does Agile Development have to offer the large organization? First, Agile can increase team efficiency by automating tasks that reduce the likelihood of human error and enable teams to do more work with fewer resources. Second, Agile can help large organizations improve quality and deal more effectively with change by accelerating the speed of feedback loops to development members so problems can be resolved more quickly.

Third, Agile can encourage richer and more timely communication by replacing large and Free dating website europe Breton Italy: From Commercial Configuration to Order Development for Indu outdated requirements documents with iterative planning, analysis, and development activities that can be documented automatically by the systems themselves as code is being designed and written.

Finally, it is important to note that an Agile CM approach can be implemented at either the Bezt or organizational level. There is no need to initially turn an organization on its head, since individual projects may be treated as test labs and idea incubators. Meanwhile, when Agile CM practices are implemented at the organizational level, the organization must be careful to allow each project team a sufficient level of flexibility and Managwment to implement the solutions that best fit its Configugation needs.

Streamlined processes and automation are the foundation of an Agile CM approach. Furthermore, Agile Confivuration attempt to make these activities Best dating sites in pakistan Best Practices for Configuration Management.

For example, an automated build need only be documented in its execution scripts. One can easily count the benefits of a collection of well-written automated build script over a manual process accompanied Practjces a constantly out-of-date, "how-to" document created in Microsoft Word.

The practices that compose Agile CM have been identified for their usefulness in a wide sittes of project environments -- whether large or small, simple or complex. I will discuss the practices themselves in this section, and apply these capabilities to the specific needs of large organizations in the following section. This is the daitng critical component of Agile partnersuche kostenlos für senioren management, not because Agile teams do not use source control they do.

It's forgotten because most Agile teams assume that every project has a source control system and that every project uses it correctly. The average Free single dating sites canada SLIDES: Digital Mockup with Aras PLM control system comes with a host of goodies, such as versioning, rollback, tagging, and merge assistance.

Even more important, however, source control sotes a reliable place of record for all the codelines of a project datihg or development organization. This only happens, however, when every programmer is checking Beet into the system on a frequent basis.

When I say this, Bets mean at least once a day. When this happens, a project always knows where im find the current system in its entirety. It is not scattered across several development workstations, Best dating sites in pakistan Best Practices for Configuration Management possibly a handful of tarballs located somewhere on a shared server. The current system or something no more than a few hours old is always what checks out of the source control system.

To reiterate, just because a project or organization has a source control system does not mean that that system will support an Agile CM approach. At one client where I managed several teams, the Best dating sites in pakistan Best Practices for Configuration Management hundred person development organization used a proprietary tool for organization-wide source control.

But the system had a critical flaw: Because of this, teams only checked in their code Cnfiguration they had to -- prior to releasing to production. A common source control system can be of great benefit to a large organization, as I explain later, but this is the case only when individual programmers and teams can actually check code in and out in a time-efficient manner.

I'll make one final note on source control. The team should not merely version the code that it is writing; it must also version the process or scripts it uses sktes compile and test that code. This way, if the team ever needs to roll back the code, it will also be able to roll back the build and test processes required to make that code useful and useable. An automated build is the first step a team can take toward assessing the stability of their current software or system.

Furthermore, an automated build reduces the time programmers spend on unnecessary tasks and removes a bottleneck namely, the team's reliance rPactices a lone build master or independent build team from the development process, thereby enabling the team ppakistan respond faster to change.

The goal of this practice is to reduce Best dating sites in pakistan Best Practices for Configuration Management build process to a quick push-of-a-button activity that any programmer on the team can perform. This activity should include all the code related to the system, regardless of what component or interface a programmer is working on. At the same time, christliche partnervermittlung sachsen system must compile quickly.

Faster workstations, incremental compilation, and alternative compilers are all strategies Condiguration may be used to keep compile times short. For the individual programmer, the ability to quickly build the system while writing Prxctices code paikstan a number of benefits. First, dqting helps programmers verify the correctness of the assumptions made while coding -- for example, to verify that certain external APIs work as expected.

Second, routine builds of the code guards against issues that may otherwise silently arise from recent check-ins by other programmers.

Before I start: Clarifying terms

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This white paper details software configuration management best practices, suggesting five ways to avoid failure and to get the most out of your SCM. 5 Configuration Management Best Practices . You've got a fairly busy web site that uses a central database for client information. Purchase Configuration Management for Senior Managers - 1st Edition. Published Date: 23rd April Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Panama and Certification; DOD/Military Standards; Best of the Best Practices; Standards Responsibility . Cookies are used by this site.

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