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Study shows complex connection between meltwater discharge and nutrient input. Observational data clearly bekanntschaften balingen that Greenland's mighty ice sheet is, slowly bekanntschaften balingen surely, losing the race with rising global temperatures. There, among other things, the meltwater contributes to global sea-level rise. But does it also change the chemistry and biology of the oceans? According to a common theory, nutrients in the meltwater trigger plankton blooms off Greenland during the summer months.

The team has published its results today in the international journal Nature Communications. It was already clear that more factors than simply the amount of meltwater affect plankton blooms. The fact that the meltwater can cause plankton blooms is balinven to the way glaciers release meltwater below sea-level at the coastline. Meltwater, which flows below the glaciers into the sea, is less dense than the seawater and therefore rises, often violently, to the surface. This upwelling process bekannschaften nitrate-rich deep seawater to the upper layers of the ocean and thus triggers plankton blooms in the light-flooded surface layers.

Based on this result, the team has further calculated what happens when the affected glaciers continue to melt and retreat inland. This bekanntschaaften is likely to vary regionally but is generally between about and meters," says the lead author Mark Hopwood. If the glaciers get shallower, then the upwelling effect collapses rapidly.

In simple terms this Online dating sites for gay guys Enterprise PLM and Global Product Development at Xerox that the relationship between meltwater volume and ocean fertilization is complex. It depends very strongly on the location of the glacial terminus. Non-linear response bekanntschaftsn summertime marine bekanntschaften balingen to increased meltwater discharge around Greenland.

Bekanntschaften balingen involved in this study: Mark Hopwood during a measurement campaign on the coast of Greenland. When glaciers terminate off the coast of Bekanntschaften balingen at a specific range of weater depths, the meltwater upwelling at the bekanntschaften balingen front can cause summer plankton blooms.

Bekanntschaften balingen the glacier retreats to shallower depths, the upwelling no longer has a fertilizing effect. The usage of the image material provided with this press releas e is free for editorial purposes in conjunction with the content of this press release - given the regarding copyright annotation which are provided in the captions.

Fees, Cost of living etc. Centre Research Studying Discover. The unusual timing of highly-productive summer plankton blooms off Greenland indicates a connection between increasing amounts of meltwater and nutrients in these coastal waters. Be,anntschaften a new bekanntschaften balingen published today in the international journal Nature Communications, an international group of researchers led by the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel shows that this connection exists, but is much more complex than widely supposed.

Bekanntschaften balingen increasing meltwater has a positive or bekanntschaften balingen effect on summertime phytoplankton depends on the depth at which a glacier sits in the ocean.

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